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Car and minibus rental in Guadeloupe

Visit Guadeloupe in perfect conditions requires a rental car.

From Grande-Terre to Basse-Terre, many places can be discovered exclusively by car. For great holidays, offers a wide range of vehicles of all brands (Renault, Chevrolet, Audi, Dacia, Hyundai, Suzuki, Opel ...).

With a high-capacity fleet you will find your vacation vehicle in one of Rent A Car Guadeloupe agencies.

From city-car to SUV, without forgetting family car or fun car, all our models are recent vehicles, ensuring our customers renting a safe vehicle. The park is regularly renewed; all vehicles offered to our customers are less than 18 months.

For quality guarantee, Rent A Car rents exclusively models with air conditioned and power windows. Vehicles are checked and cleaned before each departure and after each return to ensure safety and cleanliness to our customers.

With the Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport Rent A Car agency, you will perfectly start your holiday right out of your plane!

At the airport, our bus takes you to our agency for the recovery of your vehicle. (164 yard from the airport).

For each rent: assistance / insurance / unlimited mileage included!

The driver will have to present his driving license for recovery.

For information, traffic laws in Guadeloupe are French traffic laws.

These are our different categories:


Rental Economic Guadeloupe

Rent a vehicle in Guadeloupe at the best price.

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MPV / Van

Rental MPV / Van Guadeloupe

In group, with family or with friends, Rent a MPV or a VAN

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Rental SUV Guadeloupe

Ideal and adapted for Guadeloupe.

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Fun and Prestige

Rental Fun and Prestige Guadeloupe

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Rent an economic car - Rent A Car Guadeloupe

Small cheap car, easy to drive, relatively few powerful engines and low fuel consumption. Rent A Car Guadeloupe offers Renault Twingo, Renault Clio, Toyota Yaris or similar vehicle (small cars) in 3-door or 5-door in one of the closest agency to your place of stay in Guadeloupe. These economic models have basic facilities but you will enjoy driving them.

Drive at low prices in Guadeloupe becomes possible!

Rent a compact car - Rent A Car Guadeloupe

Compact vehicle are practical and comfortable. These models are suitable for travelers looking for a compact car outside and big inside. Rent A Car Guadeloupe offers models of E category (Renault Megane, Renault Capture or equivalent). Do not hesitate to seek advice from your Rent A Car Guadeloupe agency to choose the perfect compact car for your trip in Guadeloupe.

Rent a sedan car - Rent A Car Guadeloupe

For your holidays in Guadeloupe, with family or friends, rent a sedan that will offer a lot of space for your comfort.

Rental minivan - Rent A Car Guadeloupe

With family or friends, 5 seats or 7 places will offer you the best capacity. Book the best vehicle that suits your needs. Rent A Car Guadeloupe offers a complete range of vans for rental. Check with your agency if you need information on these models.

Rent a van - Rent A Car Guadeloupe

Traveling in group? Book a spacious vehicle!

Rent A Car Guadeloupe provids minibus with 9 Seats to visit Guadeloupe in group. Rent A Car Guadeloupe minibus vehicles are comfortable, air conditioned and easy to drive on Guadeloupe roads.

Rent a SUV - Rent A Car Guadeloupe

Some places are quite difficult to access. Rent a SUV during your trip in Guadeloupe!

You will go where you want without restriction. Some roads are impassable except by SUV. For holidays without limits, SUV are the best choice.

Rent A Car Guadeloupe offers many type of SUV (for example: Dacia Duster, Chevrolet Captiva or similar vehicle). Seek advice from your Rent A Car Guadeloupe agency to select the off-road model if you want to go off beaten tracks. For more information on renting a car from Rent A Car Guadeloupe, visit the website to drive in Guadeloupe safely and at low prices!